Company History

Pyott-Boone Electronics, a name that has come to mean quality and innovative engineering, was established in March of 1971 by Frank Pyott and Roger Boone to supply the U.S. coal mining industry with the most technologically advanced communication and monitoring systems available, today we are acknowledged as a pioneer and leader in that industry. Based in Tazewell, Virginia, the company moved from the original office into our present building located on Wittens Mill Road in North Tazewell during October of 1973. The building has since then been expanded five times to the present size of 42,500 square feet and remains the center of our operations. Starting with just a handful of people we have grown to be the largest manufacturing company in Tazewell County Virginia and one of the largest employers overall with approximately 240 full and part time personnel.

In 1977 the company was sold to the Fetterolf Group in Somerset, Pennsylvania, and in 1978, we embarked upon a broadened vista to diversify and serve other markets where our electronics manufacturing and quality capabilities could be effectively utilized. Since that time, we have manufactured products and assemblies for prime defense companies. The ultimate destination of some of these products is in some of the most sophisticated equipment in the world. As a result of our efforts, PBE has won six SBA "Awards of Excellence", numerous customer quality awards and was recognized as the 1984 and 1990 Region III Small Business Subcontractor of the Year. In 2003 we received the Lockheed Martin Corporation STAR Supplier – Best In Class Product Award.

Global interest in monitoring and communication has created avenues for continued growth and expansion of our products over the years. The purchase of the Munro Matix line of bin level monitoring products in 2000 added another dimension to our sales outside of the mining industry. Through this product line our name increased in other industries such as grain, cement and ready-mix.

In 2006 a series of tragic events befell the U.S. Coal industry and the Mine Improvement and New Emergency Response Act of 2006, also known as the MINER Act, was signed by President George W. Bush on June 15, 2006. As a result, PBE renewed its relationship with Minecom, an Australian based manufacturer of leaky feeder communication systems, which had been established in the late 90’s. Together we engineered communications and tracking systems to meet the requirements of the Miner Act and received the necessary MSHA, WV and PA approvals. We have provided over a hundred mines with solutions since that time.

In April of 2011, Prairie Capital V, LP and Vierville Capital, LLC acquired PBE with the Fetterolf Group maintaining an ownership interest in the company. Stuart Champion de Crespigny, the Founder of Vierville Capital, joined the company as Chief Executive Officer and is leading PBE forward in a new era of growth and diversification.

In March of 2012, PBE acquired the Australian company Minecom.  Minecom is a manufacturer of underground communications systems.  The acquisition further expands PBE's product suite and global reach.  You can visit Minecom, now PBE Australia, at  

PBE delivers a full line of products that are engineered for safety and productivity.  By viewing our product catalog you will see an overview of our products.  

Our philosophy of QUALITY, DELIVERY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE remain the key ingredients to the continued success of our company. Our future portrays growth and we welcome challenges and opportunities. Ingenuity, consistent quality, competitive prices, fast and efficient delivery, competent service and sincerely dedicated personnel are our hallmarks.