Fan and Pump Monitoring

The PBE MineBossTM Mine Wide Monitoring system was engineered to centrally monitor and control all aspects of large mining operation. If you are a mine operator or member of the management team then knowing the status on all parts of the operation is critical, and being able to respond to them immediately is even more so. Our solutions allow third party sensors, or those of our own design, to be utilized for continuous monitoring of priority systems such as ventilation fans and water pumps. Details like power status, vibration, speed, water levels, bearing temperatures, and more are always a few clicks away or can be linked directly from the computer map screen.

The MineBossTM Monitoring and Control System (MCS) has multiple alarm and warning levels that are user defined. It also allows different sound files to be associated with different events and alarms for customized alerts to various changes in the pumps and fans being monitored by the system.