Metal & Non-Metal Mining

PBE products are designed for the rugged environment of the mining world. Many of our categories such as communications, conveyor and motion monitors, dust suppression, fire suppression, gas monitoring, material level Indicators, mine wide monitoring and control, personnel and equipment tracking, and transient voltage suppression include devices designed to increase both mine safety and productivity.

The PD78 series for point level material detection such as overfill alarm or low level warning in addition to the Model 230 Tilt switch series are available in various configurations for belt head spill detection and storage bins.

Communications has been a cornerstone of the PBE tradition with our full line of paging telephone systems since the early 1970’s. Models are available as 12 VDC, 120 VAC, with optional strobe lights for visual indication and bullhorn speakers for increased audible output, plus several other features. Our more advanced communications solutions are VHF and UHF leaky feeder systems using Motorola or other two-way radio devices. Also available is our Tracking Boss personnel and equipment tagging system. Communications and tracking can be interfaced together or operate independently depending on the customer’s requirements.

For those operations utilizing conveyors for material movement, PBE belt monitoring equipment have proven to be rugged and reliable in some of the harshest mining environments on the planet and yet are flexible enough to fit any application in any industry. Units such as the Model 450 and 452 motion switches are the smallest of the line specializing in belt speed monitoring with more advanced models available for various applications. The top of the line is the versatile Belt Boss series. Offered in various models and configurations the Belt Boss control stations are capable of handling fire suppression, dust suppression, conveyor sequencing, spill monitoring and other sensors as either stand alone control stations or networked together through the MineBoss™ Monitoring and Control system.

Fires can occur anywhere electrical devices or conveyor belts are present therefore our fire suppression products are engineered to meet the needs of the mining industry. Our water and chemical suppression solutions are customized to cover any belt head, take up, underground belt storage, equipment or other area on the mine property whether it is underground or on the surface.

Atmospheric gas monitoring is unique to every mining operation. Some mines have no problems while others are plagued with any number of harmful gases being liberated during the mining process. Our comprehensive line of monitors including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, oxygen, methane, nitrogen dioxide, and more are available for multiple communications platforms. Therefore we can offer a system tailored to meet the needs of any operation.

PBE mine wide monitoring solutions as you can see are truly designed to be mine wide.