Personnel and Equipment Tracking

The PBE Tracking Boss system utilizes our MineBoss™ Monitoring and Control System for displaying the location of miners and equipment throughout any underground mine, tunneling operation or industrial facility. Stationary and portable tag readers are available for transmitting data over leaky feeder communications systems in either VHF or UHF and through a hard-wired infrastructure.  Readers are placed in all areas to be monitored based on federal, state or customer requirements to create “zones”. Configuration of the system is generally accomplished by spacing readers at equal distances in underground tunnels and placing them on all sides of intersections, or specific areas, in order to pick up tags as they enter the zone from any direction. Real time tracking can be accomplished by simply placing the readers close enough together that they have overlapping coverage.

Each asset to be tracked, be it an employee or piece of mobile equipment, carries one of our RFID tags which continuously transmits a unique identification number. That number is assigned to the asset in the MineBoss™ tag database and the tracking history stored for reporting purposes. The time a tag is detected by any reader is added to the history file for a total overview of the assets movement and current location. Accuracy is determined by the spacing of the readers since the tags can be detected up to several hundred feet away. Adjustments can be made in the software to reduce the detection range for higher precision if desired.

Systems can be customized to meet the layout and environment for any industrial facility, metal or non-metal mine, or tunneling operation and for Coal mines that must comply with the 2006 Miner Act, MSHA, West Virginia or Pennsylvania mining policies.

Key Features

  • Tested underground at up to 700 feet from tag to reader*
  • Capable of tracking Personnel and Mobile Equipment
  • Displays information on existing or new PBE MineBoss™ Monitoring and Control System installations
  • Emergency “Man Down” Alert button on all tags
  • All tracking components carry a 1 year warranty
  • Able to communicate over VHF or UHF Leaky Feeder systems and copper data line with PBE protocols
  • Future communications include Ethernet and Fiber Optic cable networks

* 20' Wide, 75" High Intake Entry with no equipment present


October 15, 2007 Tracking Boss System Approved by West Virginias Office of Miners' Health Safety &Training
April 29, 2008 RFID Tag Approved for Hazardous Locations by MSHA under # 23-A080004-0
August 12, 2009 Tracking Boss System approved by MSHA under # 23-A090011-0