Underground Radio Communications

PBE's Minecom Leaky Feeder system is the industry leading leaky feeder radio communications systems. Minecom, now PBE Australia, has been providing reliable leaky feeder solutions for over 20 years and aligned with PBE since the late 1990’s. The term 'leaky feeder' refers to the cable used in this type of system since it "leaks" the radio frequency signal the entire length of the cable. The Minecom system offers both VHF and UHF frequency bands along with many options such as train automation, skip and hoist controls, telephone interfaces or PBE paging telephone coupler, third party data monitoring, etc.

The Minecom systems are in operation around the world in several industries including underground mining, material handling and transportation facilities, and processing plants and since the 2006 U.S. Miner Act PBE has installed products in over 100 U.S. Coal, metal and non-metal mines, and several tunneling projects. Complimented by PBE's monitoring and tracking solutions we have met the unique needs of clients all over the world.

As technology advances, more companies are turning to automation to reduce production costs. Automating plants and equipment offers many advantages such as less wear and tear on equipment, lower maintenance costs and consistent production up time. While some employees can communicate using traditional, stationary equipment via fixed infrastructure, mobile equipment and personnel require a 'wireless' solution for monitoring, control and communications purposes making the work place much more efficient. Leaky feeder two-way radio communications continue to be the most cost effective technology even decades after its original inception due, not only to the reliability of the components and equipment required but still providing superior voice quality over digitized signals.

PBE's Minecom Systems

PBE's Minecom Leaky Feeder Options and Advantages

  • Radio to PBX Telephone Interface
  • PBE Radio to Page Phone Interface
  • PBE Personnel & Equipment Tracking
  • SCADA / Telemetry Data Capable
  • Broadband Data Transmission of most 3rd Party Monitoring Systems
  • FM Radio Re-Broadcasting Capabilities
  • Able to interface with third party analog and digital devices
  • Interfacing to the PBE Monitoring & Control System
  • and more to come…