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Contract Manufacturing is not just a trend or a buzz word – it is here to stay because it allows you a competitive edge.

Contract Manufacturing services have been available in one form or another forever. However, companies have insisted on doing their own manufacturing. Now they are realizing they cannot compete in the global marketplace. Products are becoming so sophisticated that to produce them requires special skills and equipment that may or may not be available in their company. To become specialized would require hiring additional workforce and large capital investments. 

It only makes good business sense to find a company that can provide the experience and quality to be a manufacturing partner. This allows your company to concentrate its efforts on the type of manufacturing for which it is accustomed.

It makes sense and sounds easy but a company has to choose the right manufacturing partner who will give them the service, quality and on-time delivery to make the program work. There are thousands of so-called contract manufacturers. You have to make the decision in choosing the right long-term partner. PBE is that partner. We offer the quality, capabilities, program control and stability you need to be successful.

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Customer service is the cornerstone of the PBE experience. While we strive to engineer the best underground monitoring and communication products and take pride in the high-quality of our work, our relationship with each client and their experience with PBE is what matters most. We're interested in how we are performing so we can continue to grow as a company and deliver at a high level.

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