Pyott Boone Electronics Inc. Acquire Mine Radio Systems Inc. (MRS)

February 4, 2013

Pyott-Boone Electronics Inc. (‘PBE’) is proud to announce the acquisition of Mine Radio Systems Inc. (‘MRS’). PBE is excited to be combining an impressive product range, skills and experience of yet another industry leader with that of PBE. All of the products, people and intellectual property of the MRS business will immediately transfer to PBE’s ownership.

Ken Morrell, President of MRS, comments that “when we started this process we were looking for a business that could successfully merge the long history of MRS and elevate it to a new level. The positive consultative process with PBE suggested a considerable upside for the combined businesses”.

Stuart Champion de Crespigny, CEO of PBE, said “MRS is a perfect fit for PBE as a reliable communications solutions provider with an impressive and diverse global footprint. The acquisition solidifies our commitment to customer oriented global sales and local service”.

About Mine Radio Systems Inc. (‘MRS’)
For 25 years Mine Radio Systems Inc. (‘MRS’) has been a leading supplier of advanced, performance-driven, scalable and reliable communication solutions engineered to improving efficiency, safety and productivity in the mining and tunneling industries. MRS operates 12 offices on six continents, with the corporate headquarters in Goodwood, Ontario, Canada.

MRS provides proprietary innovations in an array of applications under the FLEXCOM, MultiCOM, INsite®, Helian, Solarian, Centrian and FloSonic brands. MRS latest innovations include the Helian Underground Safety Solution.

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About Pyott-Boone Electronics Inc. (PBE)
Established in 1971 the PBE mission has always been to design and build reliable technology solutions for mine safety and productivity. PBE’s philosophy of quality, research and practical mining knowledge remain the key ingredients to the continued success of the company.

In 2011, PBE was acquired by Prairie Capital V and Vierville Capital. The acquisition was made with the intention of expanding its geographical reach and product line. Prairie Capital is a Chicago-based private equity firm and has invested in some 75 enterprises in their market niche. Vierville Capital is a private investment group founded to identify, acquire, and operate a growth business.

In 2012, PBE, backed by Prairie Capital V and Vierville Capital, acquired Minecom (a Division of TR Pty Ltd). The Minecom business has, since 1988, provided mining industries across the globe with reliable communications systems. With the acquisition of Minecom, PBE established a new entity in Australia (PBE Australia Pty Ltd) as part of its expansion plan within the Asia Pacific region.

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For more information regarding the acquisition please contact:

[The Americas and Asia Pacific]
Mirza Kozarcanin, Vice President of Sales
Tel: +1 276 988 5505
Cell: +1 276 970 0433

[Europe & CIS, Middle East and Africa]
Jason Stout,
Vice President EMEA
Tel: +44 161 337 4450
Cell: +44 7765 523230