Concrete, Ready Mix, and Construction Related Industries

PBE manufacturers a variety of indicators suitable for use in concrete, ready-mix, sand, ash, or any other material used in the construction industry. Products applicable to the concrete and ready-mix industries include:

Level Indicators
In 2000, PBE acquired the Munro-Matix line of level indicators and continues to offer the PD78 and M Series product lines. The PD78 series is for point level detection of material such as overfill alarm or low level warning. The M series provides continuous indication of material and displays the signal on a analog display. In addition to the Munro-Matix devices PBE offers a few of its own original products. The first being the Model 230 Tilt switch, which is available in various configurations. The Model 230 is a mercury switch device designed to "tilt" when material builds up around it. PBE is currently developing the M8000 as a top of the line control platform and companion product for analog (4-20 mA) level transmitters. It will be capable of monitoring up to 8 probes or inputs and controlling two contacts per input for a total of 16 outputs.

  • PD78 Series Point Level Detectors
  • M Series Continuous Level Indication
  • Model 230 Tilt Switch

Page phone systems have been a major product for Pyott-Boone Electronics since the early 1970's. Our systems have been used in underground coal, salt, and hard rock mines as well as underground tunneling projects all over the world. Other applications include industrial manufacturing plants, processing plants, power generation facilities, feed mills, concrete plants and many other locations. Models are available as 12 VDC, 120 VAC, optional strobe lights for visual indication, optional bullhorn speakers for increased audible output, and several other features.

  • Page Phone Communications

Conveyor/Motion Monitors
Years of experience in the underground coal industry has resulted in some of the best products available for conveyor and motion monitoring. Our equipment has proven itself in some of the harshest environments on the planet and yet are flexible enough to fit any application in any industry. The Model 450 and 452 motion switches are the smallest of the line performing the dedicated task of speed monitoring. The 450 provides a contact output once the set speed range is exceeded or not met and the 452 continuously outputs a 4-20 mA signal for continuous monitoring. The M8000 analog control system currently in development will be an excellent companion for the Model 452 because it will be capable of monitoring up to 8 analog inputs and controlling two contacts per input for a total of 16 outputs. Next in the motion monitoring line is the Model 405 A/II capable of conveyor slip monitoring and start/stop sequencing by utilizing two sensors. The Model 2000 continues the line performing the same functions as the 405 A/II but offers the added benefit of a LCD display and real time display of the speeds detected by both sensors. The top of the line is the dependable Belt Boss series. Offered in various models and configurations the BB units are PLC specific devices capable of handling fire suppression, dust suppression, conveyor sequencing and other sensor devices.

  • Model 450 Motion Switch
  • Model 452 4-20 mA Motion Switch
  • Model 405 A/II SpeedGuard
  • Model 2000 SpeedGuard
  • Belt Boss Series

Dust Suppression
PBE dust suppression products include the Dust Boss computer enclosures and water based systems for use with conveyors. Dust Boss enclosures house desktop PCs and their input devices for protection in dusty environments. A filtering system prevents airborne particles from entering the case and prolongs the life of your computer. Our conveyor dust suppression products while not suitable for all applications such as ready-mix cement are still useful for conveyors moving rock or other dust producing materials. The Model 234 system is an electronically controlled water spray system to control dust particles in the air at conveyor transfer points and operates by detecting material on the conveyors that have rollers. The Model 237 Mid Point system suppresses float dust caused by conveyors and operates on a user configurable timer.

  • Dust Boss Series
  • Model 234 Dust Suppression
  • Model 237 Mid Point Dust Suppression

Fire Suppression
Fires can occur anywhere electrical devices are present thus our fire suppression products meet the needs of customers from every industry. The Model 225 detects and suppresses fire with water by means of fusible alloy sprinkler nozzles mounted around stationary equipment. The Model 227 is a chemical suppression system and the Model 235 is another water-based system both of which use temperature sensors placed around the area to be protected. Models 942A and 943A are heat detection sensors for use with the Model 1800 Heat Detection scanner or the Model 235 and have the capability of communicating with a PBE Monitoring Control System.

  • Model 225 Water Sprinkler System
  • Model 227 Dry Chemical Fire Suppression
  • Model 235 "Old Faithful" Water Deluge System
  • Models 942A/943A Continuous Belt Fire Monitors
  • Model 1800 Heat Detection Scanner

Gas Monitoring
Gas monitoring has become a concern in all workplaces. Vehicle emissions, underground gas deposits, residential gas pipelines for heating and cooking, and more have resulted in health concerns and death in even the most unlikely locations. PBE manufacturers a complete line of monitors including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, oxygen, methane, nitrogen dioxide, and more.

  • Model 1700 Series Carbon Monoxide Monitors
  • Model 2100 Series Single Gas Monitors
  • Model 2200 Series Multi-Gas Monitors

Monitoring and Control
Other products of interest include:

  • Model 236 Photo Switch
  • Model RM-2 Remote Switch
  • Model 5000 120 VAC Protector and Noise Filter
  • Model 5003 4-20 mA and Analog Protector
  • PBE #318-0003-003 Lightning Arrestor